Sampford Peverell Toddler Group is an independent toddler group run on a purely voluntary basis

Tuesdays (Term time only)
9.45am – 11.30am

£1.50 per family

Village Hall
Sampford Peverell

Our Toddler Group is totally independent and run on a purely voluntary basis.

We are not a charity or registered business, so we do not receive any help or funding from outside sources. This means that we need the support of regular members to enable us to keep the group running.

Our admission fees primarily go towards the cost of using the hall, which is currently around £10 a session. Any money left over pays for things like insurance, drinks, snacks and new toys or equipment.

Our group aims to offer friendly and informal drop-in sessions that mums, dads, grandparents and carers can bring their babies and young children to. Our sessions are aimed at anyone from expectant mums to people with children aged from birth to 4 years of age.

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Get Involved

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Helping us keep the group running

Our group is run by volunteers, so we are always really grateful for any help; this includes help getting the toys & chairs out before session starts (from 9.30am), cleaning toys, making drinks and tidying toys or chairs away at the end of the session.

If anyone would like to help out on a regular basis or would be interested in becoming involved with helping to run the group, please speak to Jacqui.


Donations (big or small)

Donations of toys or baby equipment are always appreciated.

Christmas Party session

We have a Christmas party session just before breaking up for the Christmas holidays. We ask everyone to bring a plate of food. We provide a small present for each child.


Signing in on arrival

Everyone attending our sessions signs the register upon arrival at the kitchen reception area – this ensures safety in the event of an emergency.


The front door of the hall is kept bolted from the inside at all times. There is a doorbell to ring when you arrive, and please ask someone to come and lock the door behind you if you have to leave early.


It is important that parents and carers understand that they must take responsibility for any children they bring along to our sessions and that for safety reasons, they must keep an eye on their children at all times.

Drinks and snacks

We offer a hot or cold drink for all adults who attend our sessions, plus a beaker of squash or water for each of the children. Please let us know preferences when signing in at the start of the session.

Drinks and snacks are available generally served around 10.30am where we encourage the children to sit together at the table. This helps with safety for adults drinking hot drinks around the children, reduces the risks of choking for the children and encourages social interaction.


Please let us know if your child has an allergy. Please note that biscuits and snacks provided may not be suitable for all diets and may contain Wheat, Gluten, Dairy, Eggs, Soy or Nuts, so if your child has an allergy please keep a close eye on them during sessions, to prevent them picking up any food left around by other children.


We have Parent & Toddler insurance from Morton Michel. This includes public liability and group equipment.

We complete a risk assessment tick list at the start of each session as to comply with our insurance policy.

House Rules

Dropped food

Please use the dustpan and brush (in the toddler cupboard) to sweep up any food dropped by children during our sessions.


Please keep your drinks away from the children and do not leave cups around where they can be knocked over. In the event of any spillages, please ask at the kitchen for a cloth or help yourself.

Cleaning toys & equipment

If you come across any toys or baby equipment that need cleaning, please take them to the kitchen for cleaning.

Bottle warming

There is a microwave and hot water available in the kitchen if you need to warm milk or food for your baby.

Dirty nappies

Please either take dirty nappies home or put them in the bin outside the hall.

Taking photographs

Members are welcome to take photos of their own children during sessions; however they should not take photos of other people or their children, without first asking them for their permission. Photos of other members or their children which are taken at our group should not be uploaded to the internet.

Clearing up

We usually start clearing up and putting the toys away around 11.20am then gather to sing songs together.

Please help us by clearing up some of the chairs/toys before you leave.